i just dont understand the frying thing

I dont understand why an egg has 70 calories, but when i make a sunny-side up egg, it suddenly has like 100 calories. Everyone says that frying food makes it bad for you – and I totally understand that when it’s like fried chicken with breading and oil and stuff added, but I don’t understand why the egg’s calories would change when you just fry it in the pan. I’ve found some info online about how the proteins change when heat is added, but I can’t find anything that says why there would be more calories. so yah, i just don’t get it. if anyone out there does, please explain.


3 thoughts on “i just dont understand the frying thing

  1. It might be calculating the worst case scenario like you cooked the egg is animal fat or something. Most likely, you could take the calories for the egg and one server of the olive oil spray we use and add that together and come up with a better idea.

    Heat generally causes energy to be lost not gained so I doubt proteins morph in to some steroid, calorie infused super-protein and starts to beat the shit out of the carbs like it owed ’em money.

  2. Yeah your egg is about 70 calories. Most people that are frying an egg would use butter and therefore make it 100 calories.

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