when what i'd rather be doing…

it took me all day yesterday, but i got all the pix from europe onto my laptop. after culling the crap ones, i have a total of 5,571. i cant wait to get started on my scrapbooking, but i shipped all my ticket stubs and stuff i’d collected back home from budapest, so i hafta wait for that box to arrive (the one from prague arrived like a week later which is crazy since on both boxes i chose the slow, cheap shipping methods). i also ordered some hungary and czech themed supplies from an online site, so i’ll have to wait on that stuff as well.


2 thoughts on “when what i'd rather be doing…

  1. Holy crap! How many memory cards did that take up?? And i really hope you’re not planning to scrapbook all 5,571 of them…’cuz you will never ever EVER finish that project.

  2. i dunno how many memory cards – i guess it would have been 7 because it was like 57 gigs total, but i was putting them on my computer each night so i only had 2 memory cards on me. and no im not going to SB that many – esp because a lot are duplicates – same building different angle so i will just pick out the best ones to scrapbook. so far i’m on scrapbook page 3 and have only gotten as far as the first morning of the whole trip, so it will take awhile. i plan to add diary entries and pix as i work thru the book.

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