avoidance rambling

hmm let’s see where to begin.


diet – still doing great on the dieting despite Europe’s best attempt at derailing me with it’s delicious new foods. having more trouble with the exercise thing because a) i didn’t work out for over a week after i got back for various reasons b)i don’t have my 1500 step mountain as a goal anymore – that was such a more specific goal to work towards than just the “oh this helps me lose weight overall goal”. i love crystal light – i drink a ton of water every day now because it tastes like pink goodness. so now i have only 2 more lbs to lose to drop from the “obese” category to the “overweight” category in the BMI thing. 9 more lbs and i will be at my half-way point. so hopefully by thanksgiving i will be hitting my half-way marker.


lucas – yesterday was really gross. i guess it’s a parent right-of-passage since id heard stories about it from other parents but yesterday it happened to us. i was sitting at the computer being a good mom and playing farmville while my son ran around in the background. i noticed the room smelled stinky so i turned around to find my son smearing his poop around on the floor. both his arms and his left leg were also covered in it. grabbing him under the armpits and holding him a foot out in front of me i rush him upstairs and tell paul we have an incident. paul is occupying the shower which i consider the best way to deal with the mess, so i put lucas, clothes and all, into the shower with paul to deal with while i went downstairs to clean up all the poop off the floor.


girl scouts –is totally stressing me out. i wish i hadn’t volunteered for the service unit positions because they are sooo much more work than i’d expected. typically every school as it’s own recruiter, but i’m the recruiter for all the schools in our service unit (4 main ones) plus the registrar plus the leader of my troop, so in a way that is 6 positions. it takes a lot of time mostly because i can’t just sit down with my huge stack of paperwork and just process it, because at least 50% of them are always done wrong. so that means i have to set them aside and contact each parent of a messed up form and ask them to send me the missing information. which usually means it sits in a stack untouched for awhile building up. then i get impatient or even nasty emails from moms wanting to know why their daughter hasn’t been instantaneously been put into a new troop. i’ll tell you why – none of you parents are signing up to be leaders! they all want this fabulous program for their kids but no one wants to do the work to make it happen…which is why i currently hold 6 positions. ugh.


on a brighter note, tomorrow is Hogwarts weekend. I actually hadn’t even realized it was tomorrow until i just typed that. but today is already Thursday which makes tomorrow Friday. i’m really excited about that – i think it’s going to be really fun. any regular camping is fun, but this is camping with a theme. a cool theme. i can’t wait to have kids and be able to do all this Halloween stuff with them.


Leisure- as previously stated, i’ve just been too darn busy to have the free time to deal with Europe pix and stuff much. when i do get my leisure time, i’ve been reading my new books or attempting to watch all my shows. since i’ve been back, i’ve steadily only had about 12% space left on my tivo. i keep watching shows and new ones  keep recording so i haven’t even begun to catch up on all my shows and if i don’t hurry up and do so i’m going to start losing shows. i’ve mostly just wanted to lie in bed and read my books until i pass out around 9 or 10pm. i did run to michaels yesterday and buy a paper pack and i’m half way thru about 3 pages. this is going to be one big book based on the amount of stuff im including. i plan to post stuff about europe as i work on each page so it will just be a little bit at a time. i did finally get all the pix transferred to a portable hard drive and paul mailed it off to stephanie yesterday so she will finally have all the pix as well and will start posting some up.


activities -well on saturday paul and i took lucas to marietta square for their fall craft fair thingy. they had a row of booths of people selling cute stuff. i must be getting old because there was a ton of stuff that i wanted but just wasn’t interested in wasting money on buying “stuff.” by the fountain a man had a st bernard. she was HUGE. i dont think id seen a st bernard in real life before. great danes and mastiffs, sure, but her humongous fluffiness was awe-inspiring. i want one. i would name it Mozart. lucas picked out a mini-pumpkin and decorated it with markers and played on the slide (i have some great pix of that one!)


then on sunday paul and i took him to the apple orchard in Ellijay to take him to the petting zoo. He kept calling the mini-goats dogs (“ah” as in “abby” is apparently the word for dog). he also had fun chasing chickens, which he was calling “duh” which means duck. then he lost interest in the animals and thought the wooden play structures were more interesting so he climbed all over those. the rest of the activities they have there he was too little for and i was too big for (pony rides, balloon bounce, some kind of peddle cart) so we just hung out at the petting zoo the whole time.


weds was gymnastics. he is getting really good at them. he stays fairly on track as he goes through the course and he let Miss Peggy swing him from the high bar. he really enjoys that stuff, especially rolls, which he kept having me do fwd and backwards rolls in the bed last night. we will be starting him in soccertots on sunday to see how he likes that.


2 thoughts on “avoidance rambling

  1. Yay for sticking with your diet! How much have you lost so far? I’m not looking forward to the poop incident….thankfully i think i have awhile. I’m sorry GS is so frustrating. Can you quit one of your positions? Or “hire” someone else to do one? Ugh, i wish i could pass out at 9-10pm. I’m getting so frustrated with this sleep thing. It’s driving me crazy that i can’t fall asleep/stay asleep like i used to. It sounds like you guys had a really fun weekend. Can’t wait to be able to do that stuff with you!

  2. about 20lbs so far. i can’t quit GS right now because it would be dropping the massive ball for everyone involved so i just have to lumber through it, but i don’t think i’m going to do it again next year. i can’t hire anyone else because no one volunteers to help with anything which is why i’m doing it all in the first place.

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