Day 1 – Friday – flying to London

8pm. I’m on the plane to London! Naturally I was anxious starting out since I’m scared of airports (and this is my first time flying anywhere by myself), but now I’m quite content. They serve beers and wines on the plane (for free!) so I’ve had 3 cups of white wine. They didn’t card me which is a bad sign — it means I look old. I’ve even moved from buzzed to nicely drunk at this point. Popping both xanax and ambien helped as well. I’m fully zen (except now having to pee). Hopefully my plan will work and I’ll sleep the whole flight and wake up on London time. I’m soo excited! When I wake up tomorrow, I’ll be homeeee. I love you, LONDON!! Bleary-eyed and drunk, I’m going to leave this for here and go to bed.

[written at some point later of which I have no memory]
I had to go pee in the teensy WC (water closet). Now I feel a lot better in the bladder department, but I’m definitely drunk. Waiting in line for the potty I was seeing double. Woohoo for full on drunk. Attempting bed now – nite.


2 thoughts on “Day 1 – Friday – flying to London

  1. Ok, so your blog isn’t sending me these emails anymore so i’m just now reading this. First, weren’t you with Steph? I know she’s your little sis and all, but i don’t think i would consider her nobody and therefore you weren’t alone. I can’t believe you took Xanax, Ambien AND drank all that alcohol! That’s a big big big no-no! Good thing i wasn’t there to slap you across the face with a bit of a large trout.

  2. no, i wasn’t with steph because she lives in boston and i live in GA so i didn’t meet her until london

    and why would you only slap me with a bit of a large trout? that’s disgusting to cut off a piece of it and throw the mucky piece at me

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