I have been sooo busy this week (and this month) with Girl Scouts. Not only am I still a troop leader (my girls are now in 4th grade), but I am also the Registrar and the Recruiter (two other positions) for our Service Unit (basically all the schools in Acworth). It’s a lot bigger job than I expected. I’m enjoying it, though. Tonight I have a team leaders meeting and then tomorrow night I have my regular meeting with my troop. Then Thurs night I’m meeting my friend Jenn for dinner. Busy busy.

Today is Lauren’s due date. The doctors kept telling her for the past two weeks that she would go any time now and probably not make it until her due date, but here we are and still no baby. She’s been trying all kinds of old wives’ tales about how to get the baby to come. People around here claim that if you eat this certain dish at an Italian restaurant nearby, that you’ll go into labor within 48 hours, but that didn’t happen.

I’ve been trying to diet and exercise the past couple of months. I’ve now lost about 15lbs, so that’s exciting.

I think Lucas has learned a new word. His first word was “meh” which means “more” as in he wants food. I think now he is saying “uh-puh” for “up” when he wants to be picked up.


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