Make It or Break It

Today Paul and I took Lucas to his first gymnastics class! They have a baby tumbling class that we signed him up for. I figured he’d like it since he loves to climb on everything. There were only two other little girls in his class. I think they might be a little older than him (like around 2). The instructor, Peggy, was very nice and enthusiastic. She showed us several things to do with our kids and then kinda let the kids have free reign to play on whichever station the kids wanted. We had Lucas swing from the bars (he really just held them while I swung him), crawl over mats, jump in the foam pit, and his very most favorite – the trampoline. It was really fun for all three of us to get out of the house and it’s a great way for Lucas to be around other kids and do new things. The lesson was 45 minutes long. By the time it was over, I was exhausted and Lucas passed out in the car on the ride home. I think he had a great time!


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