Love the Lake

This weekend Paul, Lucas, and I went to the Love the Lake Festival in downtown Acworth. It was a mini-craft fair that they held by the lake to celebrate the city of Acworth being 150 years old. It was a gorgeous day – not too hot, sunny, slight breeze. First we walked along all the little tents of people selling their crafted goods. I showed enormous constraint by not wasting money on more perfumes and lotions that they were selling since I already own a ton. I ran into my co-leader for Girl Scouts and her daughters at the festival, too. We saw a bird show with parrots and a marionette show. Then we took Lucas over to the playground. I tried to take him one of those big, inflatable bounce houses, but he as scared of it. Instead he had immense fun climbing back and forth over a wooden board that separated the playground area from the grass. He got the hang of stepping down so he just went back and forth over the board while I swung on the swing set.


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