lucas's first vacation

– lucas did not take a nap the entire day yesterday on the trip to Hilton Head Island, altho he was only fussy for a little bit in the car, not too bad, and then he didn’t go to bed until 830pm! he wouldn’t go to sleep in the pack n play, he screamed and cried until I snuggled him into bed with me and we both fell asleep. he didn’t even wake up when I moved him to the pack n play.
– he woke up for a bottle at 2am and went right back to sleep. he woke up for the day at 630am. mom watched him and I slept until 930. 2 hours later (putting sunscreen on a baby is *hard* because they don’t hold still) we were ready for a walk on the beach.
– I did *not* think that one thru. I guess this is the first time ive really been here in the dead of summer because I didn’t put on a suit or lotion, im used to it being not hot and kinda overcast when ive been to the beach here before, bad plan. lucas however, had been fully lotioned and suited up at least.
– he fell over trying to walk on the puffy sand part and did his thing where he freezes because he has encountered new terrain and doesn’t know what to think of it.  so mom and I carried him down to the hard-packed sand area and then he was zoomin. he ran all over the place just having fun running in an open space. we finally got him down to the water, but he wasn’t real sure about that. he didn’t cry, but he didn’t play in it an get all happy, either. he just kinda stood there clinging to me or mom, looking not too happy. I tried to show him he could splash in it, but he wasn’t interested. he loved running around on the hard sand and would occasionally run towards the water but not actually go in it. we didn’t stay out there very long because I knew I was broiling, plus we weren’t really equipped for the beach, we just wanted to show it to lucas.
– so I carried him all the way back up to the parking lot (ya know how it’s hard to walk on the fluffy sand part and takes some extra leg muscle? add 30 lbs and flip flops that don’t stay on your feet and you’ll see what a workout this was) and he just curled into his car seat like a newborn. I didn’t want him to go to sleep in the car on the way back to the house, so I was trying to entertain him and he’d just give me these little half laughs like even a real response was just too much effort. one bottle and two minutes in the crib, and he was OUT.

– after nap time we are going to head to the pool for some real swimming

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