first vaca cont…

So we never made it to the beach oops i meant pool. after Lucas’s pretty much nonexistent (like 30 mins?) nap, we went to walmart to get some much needed supplies (baby food, baby beach shoes, hair dryer thingy for mom). Then we asked at the information desk about places to eat for dinner. I’m pretty sure the restaurants pay the lady to hand out their particular fliers, because IMO none of them were good recommendations. The first one we went to called Remy’s “bar and grill” was actually in two separate buildings…one was a bar only, and the other was a two room buffet with no AC. We walked out of that one and went to the second one…a fancy place booked at least a day in advance and $25 dishes. Mom wasn’t interested in the bar and grill (that looked like an actual bar and grill unlike the first place) right next to it. By then I was starving, had been loading lucas in and out of the car over and over and carrying him around, and very very grumpy. We ended up going to the diner which is exactly like the Marietta diner. We only even really got to stay for half the meal because lucas got grumpy and started throwing things and screaming (including throwing his empty bottle across the table to land perfectly upside down in my little honey mustard cup). By the time we got home it was already 830pm. At 9 they had fireworks over the lagoon right behind the beach house, so I kept him up to see his first fireworks. The first few bangs sent him crying and clinging to me, but when mom held him while we watched, he seemed interested. Tomorrow we are going to get up early and go to the beach fo’ reals and then the pool in the afternoon.


One thought on “first vaca cont…

  1. Don’t they have some of the normal chain restaurants there? Were you just trying new things? I’m not looking forward to the temper-tantrum/tired kid stage. Jake says we can’t go out to eat with a baby…. 😛 Yay for fireworks! What was the occasion?

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