insomnia update

so last night was my first night sleeping on my own w/o taking a sleeping pill. first, i’d like to say that i don’t understand the sleeping pill addiction thing. *everyone* that i have mentioned to that i started taking sleeping pills has said how they are addicting they are. i don’t understand how they are addicting. i was told they are addicting in that once you get on them, you can’t go to sleep at night without them. well as i lay in bed for an hour last night tossing and turning and *not* sleeping, i was thinking about this, and that makes no sense. if you have insomnia, you aren’t going to sleep. the prescription is given in the first place so that people that can’t fall asleep can fall asleep. so not taking it last night and not being able to fall asleep without it…i’m not “addicted” to the pill, i’m just right back where i started. the only addicting thing about it is the wonderful feeling of a full nights sleep instead of the nightmare-ridden sleep i had last night.

so yeah, i didnt fall asleep until after 1am because i was busy thinking about everything under the sun and i had achey legs and couldn’t get comfy. then once i did fall asleep, i had a nightmare about ghosts and werewolves.


4 thoughts on “insomnia update

  1. RX
    1. Do what children do. Don’t stop moving until you go to bed. Work and play until you are worn out. If you want a companion when doing that, give me a call.

  2. RX 3. Go swimming with me daily. Our pool is always empty, and I’m not supposed to swim alone. Certainly would enjoy swimming with you and Lucas, and there is nothing better to wear a kid out. LONG afternoon nap.

  3. Yeah, i agree. I don’t think you should see Eclipse because it will just continue this crazy cycle. Drugs aren’t the answer! 🙂

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