beach day 2-A

This morning we got up at 7am and got ready for a walk on the beach. This time I thought I’d be prepared by wearing a swimsuit with tshirt over it rather than my full clothes like yesterday. Unfortunately I didn’t have a tshirt, so I had to run in and grab one from the Piggly Wiggly. Soo I have a tshirt with a pig ass on it, yay. Mom gave me a really hard time about wearing it, but it ended up being hot on the beach so I actually just wore my swimsuit (glad I wore it this time!).

We got to the beach at 9am so it wasn’t all super bright and sunny and crazy hot. We pushed lucas in his stroller awhile and then let him get down and run around. He was a little more accepting of the ocean this time. I figured out he gets upset when his feet sink in the sand and the water current sucks at his feet as it recedes…for someone not super steady on solid ground, I can see how this could be unnerving. But if we held him up he had fun getting his feet splashed in it. Then we saw another family where the baby was sitting in a tiny tide pool and so I gave that a go. He was much happier just sitting and splashing in the water with me sitting with him. He started taking globs of the wet sand and smearing it around on my legs with his hands. Free mud bath and exfoliation. On the walk back he even voluntarily ran towards the edge of the water a little.

I once again hadn’t worn sunscreen because mom said there wouldn’t be any real sun that early and she kept flipping out about how late it was getting and we had to get leaving and get down there. Voila, I have a sunburn. She was right tho, the sun wasn’t direct yet, so it is hopefully a pretty light burn (we’ll see tonight once it has had time to ripen.) lucas was also not wearing sunscreen this time and when we got back and I pulled off his shirt I noticed he has a bit of a farmer’s tan. He also apparently (thankfully, luckily) inherited paul’s skin, meaning that even though this is his first real exposure to the sun, he came home with a sun *tan* instead of a sun *burn*. If there was ever any doubt to his whiteness level, you should see him standing next to me in the bright sun. even paper isn’t as white as I am.

Other tidbits: we saw two big, dead horseshoe crabs washed up on the beach and a squid; we also found a still alive sea star and I rescued it and put it back in the ocean. Lucas was all exhausted by the time we hauled him back to the car, but of course now he is all up and awake and crying rather than napping. He hasn’t really taken a nap this whole trip.

For lunch I think we are going to go over to shelter cove (a shopping plaza) and maybe walk around a bit and then this afternoon it’s time for the POOL.


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