new car

i got a new car!!! it’s an 07 charger R/T (a little older/more mileage than i wanted, but it had everything else perfect so i couldnt resist). it’s black with a spoiler, flame thrower (hood scoop), front chin spoiler, sun roof, heated leather/suede seats, satellite radio ready, a jack for an mp3 player, and some sorta bluetooth car talky thingy. last night i was doing a search on the chargers and i found one in dallas that was exactly the one i wanted! i decided to go check it out in person and ended up buying it on the spot! i traded in both the truck and Eleanor Erin 😦 which is sad, but it was time for her to go. i was worried she was going to require another major repair before i could trade her in because the accelerator had started making a high pitched whistle noise when pressed. i’m even a little sad to see the truck go. we hadnt needed to haul anything in a long time, so it’s not like we were really using it, but i liked the idea of having it if i ever did need to haul something. but trading them both in knocked $6k off of the purchase price. i also got two free mopeds (random) which was cracking me up. paul thinks i should sell them. while i think itd be funny to keep them and ride them, he pointed out that it was a novelty item and after a week of driving it i would lose interest and not use it so i should just sell it. so i guess that’s what i’ll do. then i’d get like $3000 to pay down the credit card or pay off both the laptops or something. also, the guy that sold me the charger saw our motorcycle and seemed interested in buying it. so if we hear back from him next month, i might be able to get that sold and out of the garage as well. sad thing is, the scooters are probably worth more than the bike 😛

link to my awesome new car

link to my funny new scooter (mine is a pink and white UGA one)


One thought on “new car

  1. How’s Mr. T doing after the first day? Did you get any sleep? I definitely think you should sell the scooters. You will never ever drive them after a week or 2 and you can use the money. I can’t believe they’re worth that much!! (The pink one is super cute though, i bet it’ll be the first to sell)

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