good day

yesterday i had a good day. it started off a bad day because lucas and i were both cranky. first i got breakfast at bojangles and took it to sarah’s house. i got some super yummy biscuits. then sarah and i went to the dodge dealership to check out chargers. i wish i hadnt brought lucas with me because then sarah had to stay behind and watch lucas while i test drove. lucas was getting cranky so we stopped, took him to mom’s and went up to eat at IHOP. i had nutella crepes and mango sweet tea (heavenly). so then we went back to the dealership to drive the R/T which is the one that im getting, but i wanted to test drive all the different levels to be sure thats what i wanted. i was gonna test drive the SRT even tho i can’t afford it, but some dude went and bought it while we were at lunch. the guy offered to sell me the R/T we test drove, but it was white and i will never own a white car. besides the fact that it is the most boring color on the planet, almost allll our cars growing up were white. mom says this isn’t true that we had many colored cars, but i would like to submit the following into evidence: buick was silver, cadillac elderado was silver, but he painted it white, mercedes was blue, mx3 was white, caravan was white, monte carlo was white, 57 chevy was black but he painted it white, mom’s quest was blue. factoring in my age at the time of ownership as well as length of car ownership, we pretty much entirely had white cars! ok that was a tangent. i want a black, blue, or red car. the guy offered to spray paint it for me, but we did that with my purple bike when i was 14 and i know how that turned out. so the really great news was that the dealership can do all kinds of customizations to the car, like adding a spoiler, changing the front chassis, chin bar, hood scoop, etc. then i want to get a custom paint job done to it depending on what color i get. like silver on black, white on blue, or black on red. im gonna have the hottest mommy car around! im really glad sarah came with me, it made the errand fun rather than stressful. so im really excited now about getting a new car rather than all upset like i was before. guess ill have to come up with a new name tho for the new car. any ideas?


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