can you hear me now?

lucas had his hearing test today and he is all good, of course, since my baby is perfect. it was actually 3 tests. one they play a sound into the ear and see if it makes the ear drum vibrate and send it back and it comes back as a graph on a computer. then they play tones into the ear on a second test and it sees if the sound goes past the ear drum to the actual hearing muscle thingy or whatever it is and see if that sends echoes back. the third test was more interesting. we took lucas in this little room that had a tv and speakers in three locations around the room and the doctor plays a quick sound or speaks to see if lucas turns his head towards the sound. he passed all his tests. the only thing of note was that he has some fluid in his right ear. this should go away over time on it’s own and is only a concern if it doesn’t at his next checkup (which is at 15 months). the doctor said it won’t bother/effect him at all, just that it was something to make sure had gone away next time.


One thought on “can you hear me now?

  1. Certainly very happy for that. I am so glad he’s a happy, healthy baby. They sure have gotten sophisticated in identifying hearing problems at an early age. That’s a good thing.

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