so now that my finger isn’t about to fall off, i can type all that i had originally planned to (well what i can still remember of it).

firstly, i tried to print something the other day, and my photo printer was jammed. i yanked the paper back out and it was all crud smeared, so i peered down into my printer and saw….it was full of scrambled eggs!! earlier that day out of the goodness of my heart, i left the rest of my unfinished scrambled eggs on a plate on my desk for the kitties to finish off. apparently, someone tried to take some to-go but dropped their booty down into my printer…a lot.


shoe sitings: brown tennis shoe when you pull out of publix, black loafer-type where you turn from 92 to Woodstock Rd. obviously i’ve seen a lot more since my last posting, but i never remember to report them.


this weekend, paul was out of town for the Bando Nationals. i thought being a single parent for 3 days would kill me, but thanks to “Nana” (mom’s latest name for herself), it actually wasn’t bad at all. friday we hung out at her house, saturday we hung out at Marietta Square (where Lucas had his first ice cream – homemade vanilla), and then sunday mom took him to her house all day while i stayed home and cleaned house. then when mom brought him back home, we went for Chinese food, leaving paul locked out of the house when he got home from Bando…but it was okay because he just broke into our house.


i’m over my rage of “omg we are moving out *now*” after a chat with my mom where she basically pointed out that moving out now is cutting off my nose to spite my face and it wouldn’t be more beneficial to me in the long run to stay here and save money. lauren had said something along the same lines earlier, but i was still in my rage then and would not listen to reason.


mommy is retired!! tuesday was her last day of school EVER. this is very exciting for me as well because now she can’t ever tell me she’s too busy to do something with me and we can do lots of fun outings. tuesday was also pauls 32nd birthday where i even managed to find *one* present he liked…a Buy More t-shirt. other than that it went unacknowledged since he is a holiday spirit scrooge. tuesday was ALSO ryan’s viability day, which basically means he gets counted as a person now in the eyes of the hospital and not a sack of cells.


i am so in love with carrot cake.


i really hate when all the good shows end. plus the summer shows havent started yet so i have *nothing* to watch.


projects i need to work on: 1) Europe planning…we’ve changed up some cities, finally set the dates, and gotten our passports back….time to make the official plans. 2) WordPress – i bought a book on how to do cool new extra stuff to my blog, so i need to delve into that and start breaking my blog. 3) scrapbooking – i’m currently working on Easter and 10 months old, so i’m still behind. then once i catch up on that, i have a billion other albums to work on.


after the $500 window incident with my dearest Eleanor, we have decided (somewhat – i go back and forth) to sell the camaro. paul wants a honda ridgeline truck. i want a dodge charger. mom thinks we should get a boring, sensible car like an accord or something (no offense to accord owners). i feel like selling my camaro is like giving up the last bit of my identity as an individual and driving just the tribeca or a sensible sedan makes me just a mom and not my own person anymore. What do you think? a) Keep the camaro… The maintenance may be expensive, but so is getting a new car. b) Get a Charger…it makes giving up the camaro not such a sacrifice. c) Get a Ridgeline…it’s Paul’s turn to pick out a car. d) Get an Accord/Camry/Altima whatever cheap sedan that won’t break all the time.


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  1. Kitties are so funny. So much more interesting than dogs. I’m gonna guess it was Annabelle. Or maybe Ashton.

    Yay for retirement! I want to do that too. I hate you now ‘cuz you made me want carrot cake. I’ve already set up a bunch of shows to record…are yours not showing up? I guess they haven’t started yet though, but this week methinks?

    What dates are you going to Europe? Please PLEASE make it email me comments! That’s first priority. And don’t break the emailing-me-new-posts part either. I want my scrapbook back. It’s like 1&1/2 years old now.

    IMO it’s Paul’s turn to pick out a car. Plus it’s just silly to get another sports car. If you’re gonna pay for a new one it needs to be safe/hold kids since you plan to have more.

  2. Oh and i agree a sedan is more sensible (gas mileage and such), especially since the military says we’ll be out of excess oil by 2015 AND it’s all leaking into the ocean anyhow. I can’t believe they haven’t fixed that yet…it’s ridiculous. It could mean Ryan won’t know what a beach is until he’s like 10. 😦

  3. I thought I raised you to be smart. You will continue to get poorer, not richer, as you add a house payment, Lucas grows, and more children added. Do you want to sink money into a car, or a decent home for your family? Who cares about horse power? Gas guzzler. Go Green! 🙂

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