– i remembered some stuff i had meant to add on yesterday’s post: when paul and i were driving to walmart, a red fox leaped across the road in front of us. there was a second thing, but now i have forgotten again.

– on to sunday: mom came over today and we made a major dent in cleaning up the basement today and paul got the cat room pretty much completely done. those were the two worst areas of the whole house. i still havent had a lot of RSVPs for lucas’s bday next saturday, so i guess it’s going to be a pretty small party. i meant to go get the cake today, but i didn’t.

– lucas: today lucas learned how to climb up on the couch! then he learned to slap his hands! paul was sitting on the couch and lucas wanted up with him, so he grabbed his shirt and hauled his body up onto the couch. i was so excited i said “yay lucas!!” and started clapping my hands. he immediately started mimicking me by clapping his own hands! later we went down to the basement and i called paul upstairs for a sec to help me with the ice maker. we came back down and lucas was sitting on the futon! he’d climbed right up on it and was sitting there playing with his kickball.getting back down is another matter…he seems to think head first is the way to go.

– it really bugs me that when i post these, all the stuff gets smushed up together without any <br>


One thought on “Sunday

  1. Who wants to eat a week-old cake anyway. 🙂

    As for Lucas, all I can say is Uh-Oh, you’ve got a climber. Do you have any idea how unusual it is for him not only to be walking, squatting to look at things closely and picking things up, but climbing?

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