– today paul was taking a shower. lucas goes over, pulls back the curtain, sees him in there, and crawled into the shower with his clothes on

– paul and i (sorta) worked on the garage today and got it nearly finished. then we went to walmart and got some storage bins for me to start sorting thru the junk in the basement. who knew i had soooo many girl scout supplies. i was going thru a bunch of old papers of his dads that were in the 3rd garage, and i found a handful of old pix of paul as a baby, paul’s mom when she was young, and some unknown kid that i’m guessing is paul’s brother bobby. there was also a graduation announcement and a wedding invitation for bobby.

– i got a new fridge on friday!!

– we are definitely moving sometime in the next 6 months. i’ve started looking at houses. it won’t be the big pretty house i thought i would be moving to next year, but oh well i’ll just have to deal. i’m going to keep a lookout for houses that meet all my criteria over the next few months while we save up for a down payment, and then either when i find something fabulous or we get enough money, we will move. i’m hoping for a foreclosure on a house that is out of our league so we can nab one for cheap, otherwise i’m seriously considering matt and sarah’s neighborhood in brookhaven which is actually a neighborhood i had picked out before they ever even moved there.


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