the house sitch

for those of you that don’t know about what all is going on with our house, here is an update. we found out earlier this week or last week or whenever that the house is not actually ours, and that giving it to us had been a mistake. the people had transferred it to us based on his dad’s Last Will and Testament that gave us the house. then when the tax assessor was looking things over, she found that they had made an error (or more importantly/specifically, the lawyer that made the Will made an error). The property he owned was split into 3 pieces: a 2 acre, a 3 acre, and a 10 acre. his mom’s house is the 10 acre, our house is on the 3 acre, and the 2 acre is our yard. now the deed for the 3 acre plot that our house is on got switched to a Joint Right Of Tenant Survivorship, which means that if one of them dies, the property automatically belongs to the other person named. apparently this is commonly done when people set up mortgages on houses for paperwork purposes. so, since the house deed was JTROS it automatically went fully to Paul’s mom and is not considered as part of the estate his dad left behind, making the part of the Will saying we get the house void. so the end outcome of all this is….his mom gets the house and we own the damn front yard.

this leaves us with two options:

1. have his mom sign the house over to us and everything is all fine and dandy. unfortunately, paul says there is no way in hell that she will do that. 2. pack up and move


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