semi-sharmed kinda life

i got a new fridge! it doesnt arrive until friday, but i’m excited. goodbye 17 year old ugly one and hello fancy new one. i got the kind like susan has that has the freezer as a drawer on the bottom.

i gave paul and lucas my cold, but i, however, feel great. i told mom on sat i was sick and she told me to get this zycam stuff to take and by monday i was better!too bad i cant give it to babies.

so this is the londa luck i have:

i started reading this YA vamp series i picked up at the grocery store. i got the first 4 books at the store and just finished the 4th last night at 11:30pm. i was bummed because i knew that there are 2 more that have come out after those, but the store closes at 11 so i couldn’t run out and get the next one. these are those annoying kinds of books that don’t end even though youve run out of pages, so you have to go get the next one to find out what happens. so i had to wait until today to pick up 5 and 6. as i’m walking into BAM, i see a poster on the window that book 7 came out *today*. how crazy is that. id have had to go back again for book 7 if i had gone to the bookstore last night.


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