yesterday i had a girl scout errand to meet with the old registrar so she could train me in my new position. afterward, instead of going home i spontaneously decided to head to cartersville to go to a bakery. i need to get a cake for lucas’s birthday party. turns out they can totally do the cake i was wanting. downside is, i didn’t think their sample tasted all that great. so jenn and i are going to go to gabriel’s on saturday after visiting matt and jenny and try out cakes. i also have to figure out what kind of cake i want to get. i think the only reasonable, responsible thing to do in this situation would be to try out all the cakes before i decide 😉


2 thoughts on “cakes

  1. You have some very important decisions to make here. I agree the only reasonable, responsible thing to do is try out all the cakes. I don’t want to eat birthday cake that doesn’t taste good. Maybe I should meet you there and help you out.

  2. LOL. Sorry i can’t go, but i think it’s for the better. I’ve decided i’m on a “diet” (less fries, fast food, and cake, more veggies) I, of course, will eat Lucas Birthday Cake…it’s a requirement and therefore not subject to healthy eating plans. Take pics if you find anything and let me know how the taste-testing goes!!

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