i'm on a rock high

weds night kristie and i went to our annual Nickelback concert! it was such an *awesome* lineup! Sick Puppies, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, and Nickelback!!!! (only one missing was trapt to have had all my most favorite bands)

so i was pretty disappointed because we missed Sick Puppies and i loovvee them. the tickets said 6:30pm and we were in our seats at 6:33pm just in time to catch their last song. when i got home i checked their website and they went on at 615 wtf!?

so our seats were kinda crappy sound-wise. we were under an overhang, and on the side of the stage, and right under a crappy speaker. this caused poor sound quality. ya know when you turn your music up too loud for the speakers and it makes kinda i guess a staticy type noise? it was like that coming thru that speaker.

my last complaint was that it just wasnt darn long enough. i mean i know they are just opening bands, but i wish all three of them could have had like a full concert each.

all the bands were great. shinedown’s lead singer somehow was not what i might have expected..he almost seemed polite or something. nickelback, as always, was entertaining. chad kroeger is such a partier. he’s joked before that they should just stop what they were doing and we all hang out and get drunk and them just start passing out the alcohol, well this year they actually did it! they had several crates full of tequila shots and they started passing them out to the audience from the stage, lol. then later when they were doing the tshirt canons, they started throwing cups full of beer as well.

tim, their guitarist that plays only some of the songs came out and chad was chatting with him and saying what a great guitarist he was and had him first play the mario bros nintendo music and then he played the first couple of lines of bon jovi’s dead or alive. so hot!

they sang some country song that i don’t know very well but have heard before – that one about “i’ve got friends in low places.” chad could totally be a country singer as well, he has a great country style voice.

so as usual, kristie and i had a fabulous time at the nickelback concert!!!


One thought on “i'm on a rock high

  1. I thought you didn’t really talk to Kristie much anymore? Has this been planned awhile or are y’all talking more now? Also i’ve never really understood the opening band thing. Instead of a Nickelback concert why is it not a tour or something? Unless they’re someone you’ve never heard of or something. Also, how come some people get one opening act and others get 3? Glad y’all had fun 🙂

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