Today I…

Places I went today: Sarah and i went to Kennestone Hospital to get a fertility test done – she’s all clear, so she will start Clomid next month, then we went to ihop for pancakes! Afterward I picked up Steph and we went back home to go over Europe plans. The day ended with dinner at OCharleys w/ Paul, Lucas, Steph, Dad, Liz, and Grandmother Stone. I was so tired from my long day that I fell asleep on the couch as soon as I got home.

Something I did today: Dad lent me his Nikon camera to try out. I’m thinking about getting the same kind so I want to play around with it before I spend $500+ on one.

What Lucas was up to: He learned to walk while wearing shoes and kept walking all over OCharleys – he got fussy if we tried to have him sit in the chair – he wanted to GO.

Profound thoughts: 1. we hafta buy a new fridge 😦  2. im so excited that lauren is pregnant and sarah will be getting pregnant. i saw twin newborns, a boy and girl 5 days old, at Kennestone and they were sooo tiny!   3. what does it say about your family when you can ask at the dinner table “If an alien was trying to sneak out of the CDC, how easily do you think he could do it?”  and have them give you a serious answer


3 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. You’ve been to Cracker Barrel AND IHOP without me?! You suck. Are you seriously going to spend $5k on a camera?! That seems…..insane to me, unless you’re a professional photographer or something. You can’t get something decent for loads cheaper? What happened to your fridge? And why would an alien be in the CDC in the first place, and if it *was* why would it be alive? I’d think it’d be in some top-secret army place.

  2. well i was thinking, “if an alien was found in atlanta, what would they do with it until the government could fly down and get it?” so i thought the best place to put it was the CDC.” and they wouldnt want to kill it right away, i would think theyd want to keep it alive at first to learn from it.

    the fridge isn’t keeping stuff cold enough anymore. milk keeps going bad. this happened once before and we messed with the coil like youd said and that fixed it for awhile but now it is doing it again…plus the ice maker is broken. so i guess we just need a new one.

    yeah i went all those places w/o you…and ocharleys too…:P

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