Today I…

People I saw today: Stephanie!!(visiting home from boston) and dad

Places I went today: Cracker Barrel breakfast with the above + lucas, Kohls w/ steph

Something I did today: Steph and i went clothes shopping at Kohls so she could get jeans and i could get new spring tops. we also watched Chasing Liberty to get pumped up for our trip

What Lucas was up to: he came to breakfast with us and ate part of a biscuit and a tiny tiny bit of my eggs. during chasing liberty they go bungy(sp) jumping and the girl screams…lukcas started crying! i assume because of the scream because i dont see how he could understand the falling part

Profound thoughts: ive decided that syrup is made of electrons and my skin has the kinds of protons it likes because every time i eat something that involves syrup, it somehow gets all over me


2 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. I’m sure this is answered somewhere, but I’m too lazy to go find it. When is you leaving for trip? And where all are you going?

  2. She’s not, it’s just a fantasy. See, i’m going to have a baby mid-September and i don’t know what to do with a baby so i need ally to do it and therefore she can’t leave for at least a year after baby is born. These are the rules whether she likes it or not. I’m older –> her elder–>must obey everything i say. It’s how life works.

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