more posting

in an effort to encourage myself to post more frequently, i have copied lauren/jenny’s way of doing a formatted update thingy. typically my problem is having lots to say and therefor procrastinating typing it out. so i will use my form posts to encourage myself to do more, little blog posts. for copy/paste purposes, here is the blank form.

People I saw today:

Places I went today:

Something I did today:

What Lucas was up to:

Profound thoughts:


3 thoughts on “more posting

  1. Is this a daily thing? You’ll never keep up with that. Weekly maybe. You need to come up w/ something that has to be done on a weekly basis so that you always post at least on that day. All my weekly updates are on Thursday because that’s when i take my belly shot. It’s kinda like a chore sometimes when i don’t feel like doing it, but then i know i’ll regret it later if i don’t so i muster the energy.

  2. You should do a weekly Lucas shot to see how he grows or something. i don’t really care how you grow so unless you’re doing something exciting they can just be baby pics. 😛

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