wow….28kb/s dialup…this is fun…

omg…it took me 4 minutes to open’s index site…i’m at ten minutes total now in my quest to find out their easter hours. ya know how the tv people switched to digital and forced everyone to change over their tvs? i think the companies should force people to switch to dsl rather than dialup. /facepalm…duh it doesn’t even list special holiday hours online. oh well i guess ill find out when i show up there tomorrow. i have a headache from taking a bad nap. ya know…the kind where you wake up feeling worse than before it. i put lucas to ped at 815pm…an hour past his usual bedtime but we wanted him to be super sleepy and go right to sleep since he is in a strange place and got upset when i tried to put him to bed at 645. well i lied down on the bed while i waited on him to get settled in the packnplay and drink his bottle…and fell asleep. i woke at 10 when he randomly woke up and started crying for no reason that i could find…nightmare? as soon as i picked him up he calmed down, so i brought him into bed with me and he fell right back asleep in my arms like he used to do when he was a newborn. i held him for an hour before shifting him back to the crib. so now im up, with a headache and nothing to do but try to do stuff on this wannabe internet. i cant even get any chat programs to sign on. nor can i play farmville because i guess she doesnt have java and it’s not like you can DL anything to add or update programs ever. meh. im a grumblety grump. *drums fingers on desk* hmm what to do now. i could start a new book i brought with me, but it is a new author/series so i’m not jumping to start it. plus my head hurts a lot so i probably couldnt read anyhow. i should go downstairs and eat a bunch of brownies. the chocolate kind..not the elves.


4 thoughts on “wow….28kb/s dialup…this is fun…

  1. oooh, what book? is it one i know? or is it a new one? despite the fact i have 3 new books coming out tomorrow, i’m always collecting new book titles to read.

    dialup should be shot, banned, and outlawed. it’s horrible and no one codes for it anymore so it takes FOREVER to load anything.

  2. i had brought with me that book Marked that i had grabbed at the grocery store but didnt end up reading it. instead i went out in the middle of the night to walmart to get The Host and read that instead

  3. Freakin’ finally! And it was totally worth it too, wasn’t it?? (P.S. you really need to find out if any of the following can be done: 1)email me when you post something new 2) subscribe/email me when comments are made 3)just transfer to blogspot) 🙂

  4. yes it was worth it. i dont know why people were saying they didn’t like it as much (which is what made me not that eager to worry about getting it, plus im forgetful). 1. meh. ill try 3. no

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