rants, raves, and rambles

i feel like making random comments. since they are all negative, i shall think of one good thing to counter my bitching.

1. it really annoys me when people drive slow in the left lane. how do they not notice all the cars jumping in the right lane, roaring past them and then jumping back in front of them. helllooo get a clue and get out of my way!

2. i’m so happy it’s spring and i can have my windows open. i loove how it feels and how it makes me feel better myself.

3. i’m driving behind this bigass buick grandpa type car (don’t remember the actual make) and it is called a Deville. a devil? really? that car is the furthest thing from a demon car.

4. black rubber boot on 75S, black and white Keds type sneaker on 41N, black tennis shoe in mableton atlanta…that was all wednesday

5. my baby is racing full speed ahead around the room now. he hardly ever crawls anymore

6. i’m trying to eat healthier foods after lauren had me watch Jamie Oliver. two days and counting.

7. why do they put all the good shows on mondays and thursdays and leave us with nothing to watch the other 5 days of the week

8. we had to buy my camaro a cat converter this week for $1600. what do you think it will convert my cats into?


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