Romanian stress

i am currently teaching myself romanian. it’s pretty fun. i mean serious basics, but it would be so cool to have another useless language added to my repertoire. luckily for me, it is a romance language so it is similar to french making the basics easier to learn. my biggest problem is remembering to say the words with romanian pronunciation and not the french.

english: hi

french: salut (saloo)

romanian: salut (saloot)

eu nu sunt o carte. that means “i am not a book.” the first Romanian sentence i put together on my own (sorry book was the only noun id learned so far).

so im stressed because i found out that my grandpa’s service is being held friday the 19th (next friday – i dont know what time yet). since it is a friday, everyone is working, so i don’t know what to do with lucas. i’m going to try to find out tomorrow if the church has a daycare service or else i’ll just hafta have paul sit out and watch him.


One thought on “Romanian stress

  1. Do you really think you’ll learn enough of a new language to be useful by the time you go? It’s pretty cool that romanian looks just like french though (well, based on one word). I want girl scout cookies…

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