im an idiot

so i accidentally stuck my SD camera memory card in the the CD slot instead of the proper slot right above it. it is now permanently in there apparently. i even tried sticking a metal ruler in there to fish it out but i cant. i think there must be some cd reading or holding mechanism that it is somehow caught behind. it might be easier if i knew what it looked like internally. i dont get why it is so hard to get back out. anyhow i called Dell and after 30 mins on the phone (he must get paid for how long he has a customer on the line. that or he was busy looking at porn) the guy told me it will be $200 to replace the cd drive. so instead im just going to buy a $45 external drive and a new SD card. major suckage.

yesterday i met lauren and her grandmom for lunch at ihop. i love pancakes. having to get up and go somewhere and being out made the day a lot easier to handle than when im just sitting at home doing nothing and trying not to fall asleep. afterwards i went to barnes and noble and got 3 new books, yay.


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