i keep hearing about pregnant people. everyone is pregnant, yay!

in the past couple of days lucas figured out how to hold his bottle up in the air in order to drink out of it sitting up. last weekend he started “cruising” meaning he will walk along something while holding on. he only takes like 3 steps tho. he’s a whiz at crawling,tho.

i went with lauren and jake to born again blessings. everything is so insanely cheap there for the secondhand stuff that you can find some really great deals. i’m a little jealous – the stuff lauren found is nicer than the stuff i got.i got a nifty little tent for lucas, but so far it’s been an animal tent.

mommy is retiring! she refinanced her home loan which gave her incredible savings that she can use to pay into her retirement fund, meaning she officially only has 3 more months of school, ever! (until i convince her to open Hogwarts, the private school i’ve decided we are gonig to run together.)

we started our first cookie booth yesterday and sold a tooon of cookies. we are going to have to order a crap ton more because we have 3-4 more booths still to do. the girls were soooo cute selling cookies. they were singing and dancing and waving posters around.

matt will be in china the next 2+ weeks, so i’ll be hanging out with Sarah a lot to keep her company.

i’ve been spending all my free time planning steph and my’s backpacking trip thru eastern europe in the fall. Prague, Budapest, Vienna, and all around the Romanian countryside. included in our plans are: horseback riding in the romanian countryside, the bone chapel outside of Prague (where the entire inside is built from human bones), a Hungarian opera, and hiking 1500 steps to Dracula’s castle.


2 thoughts on “updates

  1. How do you order more cookies? I thought they were produced based on pre-sales. What are you and Sarah doing this week? What are the animals doing with Lucas’ tent? Your trip sounds awesome. Think Jake would care if i leave the newborn with him and go to Europe with you??

  2. 1. no they keep producing until we stop ordering
    2. dinner,movies, hanging out, whatever
    3. they are using it as a dog/kitty house
    4. yes i think he would care, but it wouldn’t matter because you never go anywhere and you *definitely* wouldn’t be able to trek europe

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