shoes on streets

i dont understand why there are always shoes on the side of the road. i see them alll the time. i mean how does someone lose their shoe out a car window? and frequently enough for them to always be on the side of the road. paul thinks people must lose all manner of clothes and the shoes are the only ones heavy enough not to get blown away. either way i think its weird. so im going to try to remember to post every time i see a shoe on the road…just for my own sake and see how often i really do see them. cause im weird.

for my first entry:

8~03~09   a black men’s dress shoe was in the center lane on canton rd just before hawkins store


2 thoughts on “shoes on streets

  1. I imagine it is your poor use of gram crackers and lack of capitalization that causes the shoes and clothes to appear from all the people that have killed themselves reading your blog.

    Or it could be that people who see the ‘beavers’ that you mysteriously see are throwing out clothing on the side of the road so that they can have something to wear and not have their private parts exposed when they have to get out of the water.

    Or it could also be Obama’s new mouse housing program. As part of the stimulus package, people are paid to throw their old shoes out on the highway so the little mice families have new homes.

    And last but not least…
    You could just be retarded.

  2. I’ve always wondered about the shoe thing too! Maybe it’s ghosts of people that got run over. It’s so weird, just having a random shoe on the road.

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