Unknown flying objects…

1.  Holy poop, if we get another robo tele-marketer call then I may disconnect the land line.  At least when it was a real person then you could get satisfaction by hanging up on him or making him/her really uncomfortable.  And I’m pretty sure I signed up for the national no-call list.  Thanks for nothing President Bush/Obama/Alien Overlord, whoever.

2.  I still hate my job but I’ve made peace (reese pieces, lol wut?) with the fact that unless I sleep with the CEO’s wife, slap his family, and kick his dog in the testicles that you really can’t get fired.  I will take the perks of my job – working from home, decent benefits, and no expectations that you’d actually do work and deal with it.  It also helps that I can code faster than 99% of the people at my job.  I know that this sounds really arrogant but I mean in it a way that my previous jobs required me to code faster.  Because ya know, they had deadlines and didn’t like to be late on every project.  So I guess I should say that I work at a faster pace because previous jobs made me not because I’m any good.  Okay, that just made me sound retarded.  Might as well stick with that sentence then.

3.  Just to let everyone know that my blood pressure (because work makes me take it) is 118/79.  That is pretty good especially for a person whose Mom has hypertension.  I also never knew that high blood pressure over time hardens the walls of your arteries which is bad.

4.  Bad Michael Jackson joke that Matt told me…

When Farrah Fawcett got to heaven Saint Peter told her that she gets one wish for the world…

She said, “Keep the children safe.”

Then Michael Jackson died…


4 thoughts on “Unknown flying objects…

  1. 1. What kind of calls are you getting? You registered your phone number on the list on July 1, 2003. In Feb 2008 they made it so you don’t have to update your registration but i dunno if it’s retroactive, so you may want to update it. Scary what you can find on the internets huh?

    2. If you get to “work” from home + dont really have to work much what do you hate about your job so much? Oh yeah…you’re stuck at home. 😛

    3. You should get fatter. Obviously the BP can handle it.

    4. I heard that at work. It’s awful! (but funny)

  2. The short list of what I hate about my job.

    1. Our total lack of leadership and inability to get anything done.

    2. The way the groups are partitioned – each business unit has one group and nobody talks to any other group. Makes it tough to share knowledge or get any exposure to other areas of the business.

    3. The absolute lack of a QA (quality assurance) department. No excuse for not having one of these.

    4. Relating to lack of leadership – no 5 year strategic plan. The idea that a multi-million dollar company has no over-arching plan for information services is crazy to me.

    5. Our choice of computing tools is completely random and whatever flavor of the month that someone likes. It is like they just pick it out of a hat and say, ‘WOO LETS USE IT.’ Or they pick the cheapest thing (which is generally a total pile of shit).

    I think you get the picture. I’ve got about another 5 or 10 points but bleh.

  3. that was really boring to read.
    i thought you hated your job because they didnt give you enough work to do and what they do give you is mind numbingly easy, hence boring and that on top of that most of your coworkers are annoying and that none of your bosses have any balls and that the whole company is stuck about two decades behind in technology. oh and that they make you take your blood pressure and want you to do community service on your days off.

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