im bored

OMG im so annoyed. i typed all this stuff and it got deleted. GRRRR.  paul your laptop sux.

ok so what i was saying was that i should read medicine boxes before i take pills. today i was having a sneezing fit so i took two benadryl cause the front of the box said it was for sneezing. apparently the back said may cause “marked drowsiness” but i didnt read that part and ended up sleeping like the whole day today. not that it really matters cause i like sleeping, esp since i have nothing else to do with my life without a computer to play on and i cant watch tv cause paul doesnt like anything i try to watch. he got especially annoyed tonight when i tried to watch High School Musical.

so we didnt go to rebeccas wedding tonight cause mom ran off to hilton head and i had been planning on having her watch lucas. i felt guilty not going cause i had rsvped that i would and i felt obligated to go. but by not going we saved $300 since paul had to buy a new suit and i would have had to go get a new dress as well. oh well, i doubt theyll miss me.

i bought some new CDs tonight. theory of a deadman, hinder, rev theory, slipknot. my new laptop will have a CD burner in it so i can actually make all the CDs that i promise people.

my fridge is on the blink. my milk kept going bad which virtually never happens to me cause i drink so much milk. i thought since i have been eating less cereal these days (in favor of sausage egg and cheese biscuits) that i wasnt going thru it fast enuf. but then i noticed other stuff isnt as cold as it used to be and the ice cream in the freezer, while still frozen, is soft. this sux cause i was just about to buy a new dishwasher and i still hafta pay for the carpet. knock on wood that the washing machine holds out for now so i can pay off some debt. ive been watching the HGTV home shows and get jealous of their kitchen makeovers. im thirsty.


2 thoughts on “im bored

  1. How old is your fridge? There’s a coil behind it that can get stopped up or frozen and do that sometimes. So maybe it’s just sick and not dead?

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