this week

ive spent the past two days formatting all my diary entries on this site from 2005 to now, printing them, and gluing them into my physical diary so that ill always have them. esp since i had only written on here and not actually in my diary since like 2004. it was about 80 full size pages – 160 diary size pages worth of stuff. a couple of times i had recorded my schedule so im going to try to remember to do that tomorrow for comparison.

weds was paul and my’s 3 yr anniversary. as luck would have it, my new laptop was delivered that day! its beautiful. paul had also bought me the Sims 3 even tho we had said we werent doing presents this year (paul made a sim of me and gave it the neurotic trait – hmph). then mom watched lucas while paul and i went to melting pot for dinner and paul had got me flowers. it was a very enjoyable day 😀

on monday (22nd) matt and sarah got married in vegas. i was out with lauren, jana, and kristie to go to dinner/movies (The Proposal), but they had a 24 hr webcam feed so i was able to watch it when i got back home. they got back from vegas thurs and had a party at their house friday night. again mom watched lucas so paul and i could go out (i am sooooo glad my mom lives nearby and not in another state and soo glad that paul works from home or theres a good chance i wouldnt set foot outside my house this whole first year). we didnt stay very long tho cause it was all people from matt and sarahs works that we didnt know and you know how i am about being around people i dont know.

steph is coming home this weekend and we are going to a 4th of july bbq at dads house. grandmother stone will  be there….

speaking of neurotic, im packing up the newborn clothes and swapping them out for the 0-3month size. he can still squeeze into the newborns, but i decided it was time for something a little less snug and something new. i was going thru his pix tho and noticed that most the pix are just him wearing the little undershirts and you dont see too many of his cute outfits, so my mission is to get photos of him in all his newborn clothes before i pack them away.

lucas is definitely tracking movement now. tonight i was walking around the bedroom and his eyes would follow me as i walked back and forth and hed turn his head when i went across the room to watch me.


2 thoughts on “this week

  1. I think it’s funny Paul gave your sim the neurotic trait. What does that make it do? Your grandmother is coming to your dad’s house?! I guess i never really thought about it but now that i do it seems weird! Has she been there before? Maybe Lucas is really just a spybot and that’s why he’s following you…

  2. im not sure what it makes it do. ill ask him. umm my dad had a bday party for her once about 4 years ago and she was over then. i assume shes prob been over a time or two beyond that, but no she didnt really ever come over to our house, we always went to the lake (which she just moved out of).

    whats a spybot?

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