This is one thing that scares me about Nationalized Healthcare

Canada’s ObamaCare Precedent

Basic premise – The care in nationalized healthcare is rationed and Canadians can have extremely long wait times for procedures that are needed now.  Cancer doesn’t stop for governmental buearcarcy or so I hear.  That previous sentence was an extreme case of hyperbole.  It would be nice to hear more statistics.

Disclaimer:  WSJ is owned by the same dude that owns Foxnews just so you know where the bias could be.

Disclaimer (2):  Republicans and Democrats all want one thing – more power.  I’m rapidly descending in to the “You are all idiots camp.”  These days it is more of a pick your poison choice and hope it doesn’t kill you.


2 thoughts on “This is one thing that scares me about Nationalized Healthcare

  1. I just don’t understand why people would *want* nationalized healthcare. The US is currently the go-to place for healthcare for a reason. Just based on my personal experience with customers the only thing i can figure out is that the average american is even lower on the totem pole than a complete idiot. They bitch and complain about the price of their meds and how much cheaper they are in Mexico or Canada. But do they talk about how great the doctors are in those countries? Heck no! They wouldn’t dare get healthcare there! So while i dont see any stopping ObamaCare…..i kinda think it wouldnt actually work out once people start having to *gasp* wait for things. I think once they realize what it would really be like there would be a mutiny.

    For example. Today a patient comes in needing meds. He hasn’t been to the doctor in well over a year and the prescription has expired. He calls the Dr’s office (from our phone) and proceeds to tell them how he currently doesn’t have insurance and can’t afford a doctor visit but needs his meds to live. The nurse agrees that if he’ll come for an appointment next month she’ll call in the medication because it’s something he really does need…..He walks away and comes back maybe 15 mins later. Uses our phone (again) calls the Dr. office and completely bitches the nurse out (cursing, yelling, the whole nine yards) because how dare they not drop everything and call in his medication (a favor!) immediately. Slams the phone down, calls again and bitches out a different nurse. OMG he made me soooo furious. I was tied up with someone else at the other end of the pharmacy but my awesome tech took the phone away and told him to get some manners and leave. 🙂

  2. One of the arguments is to look how the veterans healthcare is handled through the VA. They generally have horrible, inexperienced, or both doctors.

    But I hoping people will reject it on the basis that it will cost 1.3 billion dollars and we just don’t have that type of cash to throw around unless we just want to give the country to China.

    Unfortunately, I believe it is human nature for people not to realize how bad something is until it is gone. Of course with the Republicans allowing Rush and Dr. Doom Cheney being the face of the party there is no opposition (much less different ideas) being thrown out there. Just a bunch of idiots that want to touch Sarah Palin’s butt-cheeks.

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