Hereby is a post where I wax poetic about absolutely nothing interesting or relevant…

1.  Why in the hell do I show up to work?  I can do everything I need to do at home and get an extra hour of sleep (or 3 if it is a slow day).  At this point I spend about 3-4 hours a day just doing administrative stuff (filling out forms, etc.) just to get things put in production.

2.  My workplace also deems it necessary that I tell someone that I’ve had my blood pressure checked monthly.  I don’t have to report any numbers or have any evidence.  I just have to say I’ve done it.  I had my blood pressure taken a week or so ago – 118/72.  I’m obviously not in the demographic that needs it taken monthly.  Most likely my death will be caused by the f*@king aneurysm I get when I try not to strangle the idiotic person telling me I need to report the fact that I got a blood pressure check not my high blood pressure.

3.  I could list work idiocy all day it seems.  Our department has a goal to do 5 hours of community service a month or something like that.  I’ll just say unless I get caught doing something illegal (see wut I did thar) then I’m not community service.

4.  My mom is still batshit insane.


4 thoughts on “Hereby is a post where I wax poetic about absolutely nothing interesting or relevant…

  1. If I added all the hours of unpaid time wasted in meetings and paperwork (filed, and never looked at), it probably would total AT LEAST another year’s wages. Many weekends lost doing paperwork of no benefit to anyone. Makes one extremely grumpy about a job.

  2. 1. I wish i had the option of working at home. I agree i could get a lot more done 🙂

    2-3. So are your corporate people crazy or do you just have one annoying do-gooder that’s making you do BP checks and community service. That’s so weird!

    3. Lol stories! What did she do this time?

  3. The hilarious fact is that all this paperwork is just to move one file to another server and then restart the server. Although I shouldn’t blame the company, this is required by SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) act after the Enron debacle.

    2-3. We actually have corporate goals to do community service. Although our resident do-gooder/knucklehead is in charge of the blood-pressure and health initiatives, she is just a minor annoyance to the ideas they have thrown out there for community service.

    One idea was to clear brush and do general yard maintenance for this house for troubled youths. Now most of our department is 50-60 years old. This is probably not in their best interest for their health and well-being. I mean if one corporate goal is keeping everyone healthy then you can’t make them do yard work cause most of these people aren’t in good shape (I guess round is a shape). They’d probably owe the county more in Ambulance ride fees then good they actually did.

    There isn’t enough space on the internet to describe the crazy that my Mom poops out on an hourly basis.

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