Yay Lucas did something new last night!

Up until now he has been pretty much non-responsive to outside stimuli – living in his own little world. the past week he’s started actually looking into our eyes esp when feeding instead of just looking vaguely around. well last night i saw him looking at the elephants that hang from the top of the crib…its the first time ive seen him even notice them. there are 3 in a row. when i whacked one with my hand and made it swing, his eyes followed it. then when i hit a different one, he would turn his attention to the new one. it’s the first time i’ve seen him actually respond to something! i was so excited i went to get the video camera. by the time i got it plugged in and ready to go, he had fallen asleep 😦


One thought on “Responding

  1. Yay! I love it when they start doing unique stuff. I can’t wait til he’s a few months older and has a big ole personality.

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