Quest: The Ultimate Formula

First id like to say a couple of things…

#1 Souci is pretty smart. Why go stand out in the rain to pee when you can just pee on the front porch. Silly Abby standing out there in the rain and wet grass.

#2 Paul is pretty smart. i really need stamps and when he went to the store tonight he didnt get me any, so he brought me home ferrero rocher instead. instant forgiveness.

So we have accepted a quest from a gnome to find the Ultimate Formula. We began with various brands of the basic formula: Similac, Enfamil, Nestle, and Store brand and observed the various effects. Not receiving a quest completion on any of those, we tried Similac Sensitive which is lactose free. This improved the gassiness but still no quest completion check off. So tonight Paul bought the $25/jar (which lasts less than a week) super sensitive hypo-allergenic ultimate formula. I returned to the quest giver gnome and handed him this special formula, which he drank. Much /fussy and /grumpy emotes ensued. About an hour later paul lay him down in the crib and he lay there looking around a few moments calmy before errupting all 3 oz of the ultimate special formula in a geyser that would make the one at Yellowstone that Gramma Janice is visiting this week pack up and go home.  Quest failed.


2 thoughts on “Quest: The Ultimate Formula

  1. #1 I had no clue that’s how you spelled souci. I always thought it was Sookie…..where did Souci come from? (i’d probably have pronounced it sushi if i didnt know better)

    #2 Instant forgiveness in the form of chocolate is definitely a win-win. How come he was able to buy chocolate but not stamps? 😛

    What was wrong with the Similac Sensitive? The only problem i have with the soy/lactose free/hypoallerginic stuff (and i’m completely making this up, there is not literature to back me up…mainly ‘cuz i didnt bother looking) is that i would think if you don’t feed a kid lactose (or whatever) for months-year that they may then develop lactose intolerance which would be a huge deal later. Kinda like the moms that are ultra-protective don’t let the kids outside and wash hands every 60 seconds, etc usually develop all kinds of allergies. That one i know is proven. /agree or /disagree?

  2. souci is how its actually spelled. i dont like that spelling so i usually type it as sookie like from gilmore girls.

    stamps were at customer service stead of reg checkout

    paul said no he wont dev a lactose intolerance. its kinda diff as an infant…like sometimes theyll have a milk allergy at this age but be fine with milk later on.

    haha no way can i be a germaphobe mom when i have 6 pets. weve already given up on paci sterilization. it hits the floor we just wipe it off and hand it back (sometimes we use the hand sanitizer if its handy, if not oh well)

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