apparently it lasts forever since its just corn syrup and fruit syrup so i made a peach sangria just now (at 1230 at night…funny how in the old days this would be a normal time to be drinking but now it seems odd to me) anyhow it is YUMMY

3 thoughts on “sangria

  1. Ok i remember you saying something about getting Sangria at the store but i’ve looked through several posts and can’t find it anywhere. I know you don’t like Olive Garden so where did you get Peach Sangria?? That one time we tried to make it at your dad’s house it didn’t turn out too well…how did this one work?

  2. Ooh i just found it. It was a comment on my blog. So i guess it’s that mix we bought the one time….how’d it come out this time? What kind of wine did you use?

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