4 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Leaning towards no. Most of the people i care anything about seeing aren’t going, they changed the date from a perfect time to a work weekend, and it’s a lot more expensive than i was thinking it would be. I really wish we’d done a cruise…i really want to go on one. We’re talking about possibly doing one in august…

  2. I don’t get how people had such awful times in high school. And weren’t you a jock and all popular? High School was the best 4 years of my life and i frequently wish we were still there.

  3. I thoroughly enjoy being an adult and hated high school because of having to deal with people. In fact, I believe my intense hatred of dealing with people and groups of people started because of high school.

    I naively thought that people are inherently good and in reality most people have nothing inherently good in them. Most people don’t want to go to jail or face some other consequence and that stops them from being a general blight on society. Left to their own devices in high school, it then brings out the worst in them. Had I been exposed to a generally higher quality person (Paulding County schools still had an overtone of prejudice) then maybe I wouldn’t have soured on humanity as a whole.

    Anyway, while I have the added responsibility of making my own money and providing for my own basic needs, I still enjoy it far more than high school. The freedom which allows me to chart my own course and follow it, is worth much more to me than having access to friends.

    I’d also say that I moved schools during my 8th grade year which also contributed to the fact that I didn’t know anyone and really didn’t have any friends going in to high school.

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