3 Weeks

Lucas turned 3 weeks old today šŸ™‚

last night paul took lucas all night so i got to sleep from 3am to 1pm yay!

ive also got my appetite back…thepast two days ive been eating normally the way i used to. it might be in part to paul having bought something called Dark Chocolate Dreams which is basically peanut butter + chocolate that ive been making sandwiches with.

yesterday dad’s cleaning lady cleaned our whole house top to bottom as a present from dad. very awesome to have mopped floors etc for once. i might see about having her come once a month or something if it’s not too expensive.


3 thoughts on “3 Weeks

  1. How is Lucas’ weight and stuff since they got him on formula? You’ve probably said but i don’t have the energy to look through all the old posts.

    Are you eating other stuff normally or just chocolate? And that sounds really really yummy.

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