Time Flies

i used to be pretty good about keeping track of appointments/dealing with the business of life (as in dealing with my mail or whatever stuff has to be taken care of). now its like i live in a daze, put everything off until later, and suddenly im getting all these calls/emails cause it’s now “later” and i hadnt realized it. dad is having his maid clean my house tomorrow which he had emailed me about two weeks ago and i totally forgot. poor lady was calling me all day trying to figure things out for tomorrow and i was clueless. then also i had an email from sarah cause her wedding shower is saturday which id totally forgotten about ( i thought it was in like june or something) and had never RSVPed for. if she hadnt sent me a msg about it i would have totally forgotten and missed it, ack! one of these days here soon im also going to have to attack my growing Inbox before more stuff passes me by.

tomorrow we have to go back to the pediatrician for the state required newborn screening test thingy. they take his blood and test for like 9 diseases including one called maple syrup urine or something like that. luckily paul will be home afterall. since he wasnt helping the users the past two days he asked Mike if he was really needed in the office and Mike said no. so yay the two of us can go back to our normal (or what now passes for normal) sleep schedules.

i think i might give lucas a bath tonight. he managed to get spit-up in his hair which in effect gelled it into crazy spikes.


2 thoughts on “Time Flies

  1. So do you just not answer the phone or did you just not answer the cleaning lady ‘cuz you didn’t recognize the number? You’re much better at answering my phone calls now that you’re a mommy (as opposed to when you screened and purposely didn’t answer me when you were preggo) Our little Ally is growing up fast! What 9 tests do they test for? Oh and lastly…what brand was your fetal dopplar thing that you couldn’t get to work?

  2. i just didnt answer her call cause i didnt know the number. before i didnt take calls cause i was always busy and got annoyed at people calling and interrupting. now im never busy cause im rarely doing anything for myself so i can take calls more frequently.

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