just stuff

Today was Sarah’s wedding shower which was fun 🙂 One of her friends was surprised that i was out and about only 3 weeks after birth. afterward, kristie showed me how to use my car’s navigation system and i used it on the drive back up from peachtree city. it was pretty nifty…it showed me upcoming exits off the interstate, drive time/mileage to my destination, and lowered my music for me each time it “spoke” directions to me.

i hate when im listening to a brand new CD and i start recognizing songs on it. usually when that happens it means that i already own the CD and have bought the same darn CD twice w/o realizing it.

i got my birth announcements today so am going to be sending those out. im excited about that.

lucas had a 4 hour stretch followed by a 3 hour stretch last night! too bad i was up for half of it cause i wasnt expecting him to sleep so long. anyhow so i only ended up waking up for the 4am feeding and that was it.

im in the process of downloading WOW.


4 thoughts on “just stuff

  1. lol Oh no! You’re playing wow again!! What made you change your mind? You should watch Leverage instead…

    Yay for birth announcements! I better be getting one. Did you happen to notice if Walmart still has those ID Tag machines? Dala lost her collar today.

    Why was Sarah’s shower in Peachtree City? Doesn’t she live near you?

    What CD did you buy twice this time?

  2. -i saw paul playing and decided i wanted to dick around on it a lil. im not gonna play for real, just solo quest and stuff to get to lvl 80.

    -yes you will be getting one as soon as i buy stamps.

    -i didnt look for id tag machines…petsmart has em

    -she lives near me now with matt but she is from peachtree city and it was held at her sisters house

    -i think i might have 2 angels and airwaves, and i recently found out i have 2 of shinedown

  3. -“Dick around”? You’ve been hanging around Paul too much.
    -Did you ever read my Teenage Week post on my blog? Acne seriously sucks.
    -I wonder if anyone other than you reads my blog anymore…Who else reads yours?

  4. – i did but never got around to commenting. i usually have a kid occupying at least one hand so typing replies isnt as easy as just reading the pages
    – paul and i read your blog. i think just you and mom reads mine. which means i could probably say really mean stuff about everyone else i know and no one notice…kinda like you did on yours !

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