Liquid projection, commonly known as vomiting…

There is a good thing to note – babies don’t mind eating until they literally can’t hold anymore.  We have been feeding Lucas a combination of formula and breastmilk which he has been dutifully feeding 10 times a day.  Now, this is supposed to be normal.  He cries, he gets a bottle and he doesn’t cry anymore.  Fairly simple equation.

Well this is wrong.  Most of the time the simplest solution is the answer to the problem but not in this case.  I figured he just didn’t like particular formula we were giving him.  Much like a fat person at the Golden Corral, Lucas was in hog heaven at the all you can eat buffet.  The problem being is that he doesn’t have an off switch.  Of course, I imagine those fat bastards at the Golden Corral don’t have one either otherwise they wouldn’t stuff themselves and waddle (or scooter) home.

I called Dr. Kola (our pediatrician) because Lucas had vomitted twice (vomitting is different than spitting up, spitting up is like leaking – vomiting, well that is more hitting my shoe from two feet away).  After asking some questions and stuff; he said I should stop stuffing steak and potatoes down his gullet.  Essentially, feed him an ounce, burp him, let him think about it and then if wants more then give him more.  So far that has worked fine.  He has eaten less but I haven’t had to dodge any liquid either.

It would have been nice if someone attached an owner’s manual to his foot when he squirted out…


2 thoughts on “Liquid projection, commonly known as vomiting…

  1. I think the docs need to be more specific. First they tell you he’s not eating enough and to stuff him full….then they tell you you’re stuffing him TOO full. What’s that all about? An instruction manual would be nice.

    I find it kinda funny y’all chose a black pediatrician. I don’t really know why ‘cuz you’re an equal-opportunity misanthrope. Yay! I got to use my word-of-the-day.

  2. To be honest, Breastfeeding is more crap/pee output monitoring. You can’t measure what is coming out of the boobs like you can formula.

    Everything is trial and error. Is he crying/fussy because you took the bottle away or he actually still hungry? He likes to suckle to sooth himself but that presents a problem when he is chewing on the bottle as it dispenses food.

    Yeah, but Dr. Kola isn’t the hip-hop stereotypical dipshit black person so I’m okay with that. And yes, I hate everyone equally.

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