Day 13

we went to the doc today for a weigh-in. lucas now weighs 8lbs 11.5 oz … a whole pound more than his birth weight! what a lil piggy. he is in the 50th percentile for boys his age, so right in the middle/average.

afterward we went to Kid2Kid the secondhand baby store and bought a bassinet for him to sleep in when he is downstairs in the family room. in the sims when i had a baby i always had to add a bed, fridge, tv, etc all to the nursery to keep up with the crying baby’s schedule and still keep mommy sim’s meters green. i now know how that feels…you need everything for living and for baby care all in the same place cause going up and down stairs is just too much darn work.

last night we met matt and sarah for dinner at ruby tuesdays and i had a glass of sangria…my first alcohol in like 10 months. it was yuuum.


3 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. lol what happened to your not taking babies/toddlers to restaurants plan? If i remember correctly Lucas isn’t even 2 weeks old and has already been to Longhorn, Ruby Tuesday and O’charley’s! Have you gotten your appetite back at least so you can enjoy them? Now i want sangria…

  2. This is the best time to take Lucas anywhere. He sleeps through dinner and doesn’t disturb anybody. I do imagine later that he be a little more challenging to take to dinner.

  3. like paul said…
    i said i wouldnt take him to restaurants cause i dont wanna be one of those annoying people with a screaming baby. ive since discovered that since all newborns do is sleep, i can easily take him out and not worry about it. once he gets older i guess we’ll hafta stop going out. longhorns food did interest me, ruby tuesdays not as much except the sangria lol. i think im getting my appetite back somewhat tho.

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