Day 7 – One Week Old

Lucas is now one week old!

paul and i went to the doctor today. at the hospital the recommended we get a Tdap booster shot (tetnus + other stuff) for some reason so we went to do that. plus i had a growing list of things i needed to see a doctor about for my falling apart body. i had her check out my ear sitch, got the shot, and had her look at my broken, bleeding nipples. i got 3 new meds to add to the growing pile of meds im now on.

after the doc mom and steph came over. steph brought me a little stuffed monkey for lucas cause ive been calling him monkey baby. he looks like a little chimp (which i know isnt a monkey, but “chimp baby” doesnt sound as cute) when you hold him up on your shoulder with his little legs pulled up to his body.

im definitely liking formula feeding better. last night we did shifts…. paul slept 12-5 while i took care of lucas and then i slept 5-10 while he took care of him.


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – One Week Old

  1. 1) Do you have any idea what shots Lucas has gotten so far? I’m just curious what the vaccine schedule is and i’m too lazy to look it up.

    2) Breastfeeding sounds hard…and painful…and you don’t get any sleep! Things may change when i’m actually in the situation but i’m thinking there’s no possible way i’ll be able to breastfeed for anywhere close to 6 months, let alone a year.

    3) What meds are you taking? The only one i remember you saying was Amoxicillin. Did you get Zoloft just for the same anxiety stuff you’ve always had or have you had post-partum stuff too?

  2. 1. he got hep B at the hospital and the rest are at 2 mo old and on
    2. yes its awful
    3. amox, mucinex both for the non-cold, motrin and tylenol #3 for pains, 2 other unmentionables, zoloft that ive decided not to take cause it makes me too sick, and neosporin on the poor battered boobies

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