Day 6

woohoo i actually got to sleep a little last night. with him sleeping on a regular schedule now, the nights are definbitely going better.

lucas had his one week checkup at the pediatrician. everything was looking good and the jaundice is nearly gone. he still hasnt made it back up to birth weight yet (probably due to the not getting enough food all week) but he had gone from Wed’s weight of 7lbs 4.8 oz to 7 lbs 8 oz in 24 hrs. we go back next week for a weigh-in to make sure he is back up to birth weight ( 7 lbs 12 oz).

ive had to stop breast feeding all together because my nipples are so destroyed they bleed. instead im just pumping and giving him the pumped milk in a bottle. that way i can give them time to heal w/o getting further latch-on damage.

my life still basically consists of feeding lucas and laying around in bed in btwn.


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