Day 8

Today we did our first sponge bath (newborns dont take full baths). you basically just wash him off with a washcloth. he didnt mind it until we washed his hair – actually getting his head wet. i also had my first poopy diaper to change early this morning. luckily it wasnt one of the scary massive ones like paul got.

my first sponge bath
my first sponge bath

ive already noticed an improvement in my ear/lungs congestion since taking the meds last night. my ears are pretty much back to normal and my cough is much better.

im trying to pump more but im still only hitting like 3 times a day so far when its sposed to be every 2 hours. im worried im going to mess up my supply if i dont do better. plus when i wait too long they get full and sore. i absolutely hate breast feeding. it has been making me miserable.

tonight we had our first “outing” that wasnt a doctors appointment. the three of us went to walmart to pick up a few things. there are so many things we decided we needed the past few days but forgot to write down that we ended up getting probably only half of the stuff we need, but i started feeling really sick (headache/dizzy) so we would have had to leave anyhow. i dont know if its lack of sleep, the non-cold ive had, or dehydration, or a result of all the meds ive taken or what but i totally crashed. i also havent been able to eat much lately…no idea why. anyhow, i got a bunch of cute onesies for $3 each. btwn peeing on himself and spitting up on himself i go thru 2-3 outfits a day so we needed to grab some more cheap ones. from now on we are getting all our clothes from walmart … $3 vs $14 for an outfit that he doesnt wear long.


3 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. How do you pick out a formula to feed him? Does the doctor or lactation nurse tell you what to get or do you just go to the store and pick out one yourself?

    What do you mean you haven’t “been able” to eat much lately? Like you’re not hungry or it makes you sick?

  2. well the formula companies sent us samples so we had a free jar of similac, enfamil, and goodstart so we just opened up those and started using them. we asked both the doc and the lactation consultant their opinion and they both said theyre all the same it totally doesnt matter what you go with. they also said its ok to switch – you dont hafta pick just one and feed him only that one. so we are going to start by using up all the samples we got and then prob go with the walmart generic brand $12 vs $23 for similac

    for the food thing…like at about 230 yesterday i went to get lunch cause i was kinda hungry, but everythihng (even cereal) seemed unappetizing so i just had a glass of milk. then at 8:30 we went to chic-fil-a and all i was able to get myself to eat was a little less than half the sandwich, a few sips of coke and 3 fries. so basically all i ate yesterday was one bowl of cereal in the am and then that bit of chic-fil-a at night…i kept epecting to end up starving in the middle of the night but i wasnt. now that im up today im sorta hungry but not overly so considering i barely ate yesterday…no idea why

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