immediate body improvements from birth

– my belly button came back

– i can easily walk up a flight of stairs rather than drag myself up by the hand rail

– i pee like a normal person

– i eat food at a normal frequency

– i can lay on my back w/o feeling like my lungs are being flattened

– i lost ten lbs


3 thoughts on “immediate body improvements from birth

  1. More questions/comments:
    1) Can you tell yet how much breastfeeding effects your weight? I’ve heard it helps you lose weight a lot faster

    2) What are the post-preggo hormones like? Do you notice any difference, have extreme highs and lows? (Speaking of which did you have any problems w/ the anxiety when you had pregnancy hormones for 9 months?)

    3) I’m glad your belly button came back…it would have been weird if it just fell off.

    4) I really want to see Baby Lucas again! (and Jenn does too, she asks me every day!)

    5) When can Lucas go out in public for the first time? (I mean like other than Dr visits and stuff)

    6) What did you think of your OB office? Are you gonna use them again for your second?

    7) Time to get pregnant again! Lucas needs a little sis 😛

  2. 1. i heard it burns 500 cals a day
    2. pregnancy anxiety – yes, a lot more than usual esp being off zoloft; now – i had two breakdowns the first couple nights but part of it may have been lack of sleep
    3. it was totally flat at the end there – very weird
    4. sunday might work
    5. today
    6. yes, i liked them
    7. F that

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