Weds – Day 5

the night before was awful again. around 3am paul had to take lucas downstairs  and walked him all over the house and up and down stairs to try to calm him and keep him away from me for two hours so i could sleep. he was wanting to be fed constantly. hed fall asleep while nursing but the second i tried to set him down hed start wailing so i was trying to “nurse/pacify” him from midnight to 3am straight until paul took him. i was so frustrated and exhausted and my boobs were broken and bleeding.

thankfully we had our lactation appt. we were there for 2.5 hours. they weighed him and he had lost a little weight (7.48 instead of the 7.49 he left the hospital at) and he hadnt pooped at all yet nor had but one wet diaper when he should have been at 5. that plus how often he was wanting to feed they told us he wasnt getting enough to eat. they said it was like trying to drink thru a pinched straw – it was so much work to get a little bit of food hed get tired and fall asleep before totally full and then wake up again soon cause he was still hungry. so they had us start supplimenting with formula and he had some while we were there. he went home and passed out for 6 hours! now that he is on formula and getting enough food he only wakes up every 2-3 hours and we can actually get some sleep. plus with the bottles paul can feed him half the time, too so i dont have to wake up for every feeding. im still pumping and giving him the breastmilk in a bottle with what little i have, but the formula has been a life saver.

formula per feeding – 2oz…my pumping – ~20mL/ 1/2 oz so only 1/4 what he was needing


3 thoughts on “Weds – Day 5

  1. No, he only had 1 wet diaper for that day. He was having troubles urinating because he wasn’t getting enough from the boobage.

    The lactation consultant had us supplement with formula and Lucas really did a number on Ally’s nipples. The boy is a chomper. I imagine he’ll chew is food really well in the future.

    I’ll let Ally fill in the rest of the details but now with the supplementation of formula, Lucas is on a regular schedule (feeding every 2 – 2.5 hours) and Ally is getting more sleep. She deserves it as going from her 11 hours to none is a little too much in the cold turkey department.

    Oh, and he had a giant blowout diaper at the lactation appointment. The nurse even said WOW! He’d obviously needed some extra formula and it got everything moving again. And by moving, I mean like a small nuclear blast in his pants.

  2. Notation for future reference: amount you’re feeding him (or the equation to figure it out) and how often he’s eating and how long he sleeps at this point 😛

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