Day 2

at 6am the nurse came in to do the PKU screening test. she gave him a tiny amount of sugar water and then a pacifier and then pricked his heel with one of those little finger prick needles. she then put drops of the blood on a piece of paper. lucas didnt cry at all and this is where we discovered the pacifier … the baby mute button. the rest of the morning was the usual laying around sleeping/feeding. Dr Kola came by again to do a physical and said he was looking well and so we didnt need to come to his office until thurs when he is a week old. the nurse said that meant lucas was doing well if he didnt have to be seen again for a week. we packed up our ton of stuff and then once we got the bill ($1800ish) we were cleared to go home. we left around 11:30 am on Mothers Day.

once home i immediately got in the shower. it felt sooo good to be home. pauls mom must have seen our car cause she called just as i was getting out of the shower and told paul she was coming over. paul tried to tell her not to but she hung up on him and came over anyway. he came up to tell me she was coming over and i was like “nooooo, im not ready for people to come over i just got home tell her no”. so he sent her away thankfully and i got to lay down in my own bed and relax. just being home and showered i was feeling much better. i tried to put some hydrogen peroxide in my ear but its still blocked.

around 2 eric and betsy came over to meet lucas. they brought us some broccoli cheese coup and a little musical elephant toy for lucas. i must have taken a nap in there somewhere cause paul told me they were coming over and next thing i knew paul was telling me they were here. a little bit after they left matt came over with abby. she was super interested in checking out lucas. the cats have been funny. annabelle walked up to the carrier, did a small sniff, and then walked off to see me. later on when lucas cried it caught her attention so she really went over to smell him. ashton has been the funniest. at first he didnt notice lucas in my lap and was trying to investigate the pack n play by the bed. once he noticed lucas he was riveted. he kept staring at him like he really wanted to check him out but was keeping his distance like he couldnt decide if lucas was safe or not. booda, katrina, and jasmine all just kinda sniffed him a minute cautiously and then lost interest. whenever he cries abby comes running over to check him out and then sits on the bed nearby.

mom brought the 3 of us dinner from ocharleys and some meds from the pharmacy for me and *jellybeans*. we hung out for a bit while paul was napping and then i napped on the couch. i had bought mom a mothers day card and had lucas sign it by putting the pen in his hand (newborn grip reflex) and placing the card in front of the pen. only 2 days old and my baby can write – he must be a genius.

paul and i spent most the evening just hanging out in the bedroom. i took a bath while he watched some stupid movie on tv and then i lay around/ read my book.


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